Best Realtor In Lewisburg WV

Best Realtor In Lewisburg WV

If you have ever thought about buying or selling Real Estate in Lewisburg, West Virginia Your not alone.

Statics show that over 850 people have listed their home in Lewisburg and surrounding areas within a 6 month time frame and that another 300 to 400 are thinking about moving within the next few months.

So how do you decide on which realtor to use?

best realtor lewisburg

Hard Working, Professional,Full Time Agent.

Great question, it use to be you just picked up the Lewisburg phone book and called the first real estate company you came to and hoped for the best, which sometimes you got lucky, and other times sad to say you couldn’t wait for the whole thing to be over.

Fast Forward to 2014 and the chances are the first thing you would do is pick up your smart phone or tablet and type in a search for a realtor in the area you want to know about, Lewsiburg, White Sulphur Springs, Alderson, etc.

Still the results may be the same.

You get a long list of agencies or agents all saying they are the best.

So if you really want to find a Real Estate Pro in the Lewisburg,WV area that is going to be the Best Realtor, one that is truly going to put you first in the relationship and have your best interests at heart, my advise is to check out what past clients have to say about them.

Here are just a few things some of my past clients had to say about me.

Bob is a great guy and I would recommend him, I had a sale in less than four months and was very pleased by the help he offered, even when it comes to hard times I feel like bob will roll up his sleeves and get dirty to to get the job done to satisfy his clients 🙂 I highly recommend him!  DAVID PROFFIT
I worked with Bob for months on finalizing the purchase of my home, so many unfortunate things went wrong (Non of which was Bobs fault) and during the process he helped the whole way through and no matter what happened he always made everything right and is still in communication with me today even after the purchase. I will for sure tell everyone about his dedication and the superior service he has giving me. Charles Wright.

Bob is an excellent realtor, we really enjoyed working with him, he is very knowlegable and worked very closely with us through the entire process. Bob did a great job marketing our property it was listed the very next day and sold within 90 days! We never tried to reach him that we couldn’t, and he always had an answer for us the same day and always let us know what was going on . We Highly Recommend Him. Mike and Kitty Gunnoe

So when you are looking for the Best Realtor in Lewisburg for yourself, ask these questions.

Did their Realtor stay in contact with them and walk them through the whole process, making it as stress free a transaction as possible for them?

Did they follow up after the sale to see how they were doing, and if they needed anything else?

All these things can help you make the most informed decision possible and once you decide to use a Real Estate Pro

Give me a call, and allow me the opportunity to show you the difference that using a full time personally involved Realtor can mean to your peace of mind,

and ultimately to the SALE of your home.

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