Beware of Dumb Realtors

Beware of Dumb Realtors

When I got into real estate I choose the name Real Estate Pro West Virginia for many reasons and one of those reasons was
I realized that the sellers I was going to represent would be well served by my many years of experience as a West Virginia General Contractor in the Greenbrier, Fayette, Monroe and Summers county areas, and that being a real estate pro meant more than just being able to unlock a door and walk around a home with a potential buyer, it meant being a problem solver with real world knowledge to turn a negative into a positive, to help a potential buyer see the possibilities and negotiate a sale from what would otherwise have ended like the story below.

Sally a Realtor From Brand X Realtors in Lewsiburg, WV arrives at 2:00pm to show the house she has scheduled to show her young buyers, greets them with a smile and after unlocking the locked home allows them to enter and wonder around unattended, ” After all she didn’t want to offend them, and she wanted to give them a little space” she said.

After about 5 minutes she decided to locate them only to find them coming down the stairs and shaking their heads and mumbling under their breath.

She said with a smile “well what did you think?”,at which time the two young buyers¬†Tim and Sarah said to Sally “I can’t believe you even brought us to look at this place, it only has two bedrooms and one bathroom and we need at least three bedrooms, Sally sheepishly allows them to pass on their way out the front door and then watches them get in their car and drive away. Never to be seen again.

What Sally don’t know at this point is that the room upstairs was an unfinished space that had all the potential
to be finished and turned into a third bedroom with a budget of only $2000.00.

Sad to say this happens more often than not with Realtors in the Lewisburg and surrounding area that have no idea what it takes to build a house or how much actual construction costs are in their area.

Had the sellers of this property hired a real-estate pro like myself with years of experience as a general contractor they would most likely now be tring to decide what to take with them in the car and what to leave for the movers to deal with.

Lesson: Don’t hire a Dumb Realtor.

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