The Right Way To Buy A Home

I can’t say how it should be done everywhere since I don’t live everywhere, but I know how it should be done here in the Southern West Virginia Real Estate Market, which for me takes in all of Greenbrier, Fayette,...

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Wacky Ways to Keep Mice Away

That patter of little footsteps may be mice. Mice like to stay warm and dry, just like you. So as cool and wet weather rolls in, mice invite themselves into your home, chewing through electrical wires and making nests in your...

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Beware of Bad Advice On A Lead Paint Problem

Secret shoppers” found hardware stores and painting contractors that downplayed the dangers of lead paint exposure. Four years after the EPA implemented strict guidelines for lead paint removal from houses built before...

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What’s In Your Self-Storage?

If you think that self-storage is mainly for those living in small apartments or cramped cities, guess again. Currently 10.85 million American households rent a self-storage unit, according to the Self Storage Association, a...

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5 Tips To Help Your Home Sell Quickly

To many buyers, the assumption is made that a house that’s been on the market a long time must have “hidden problems.”   And that could lead to unnecessary and endless price reductions.   Luckily, even in a...

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